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What is Ladies Only Skate Team?
L.O.S.T. is a space created for ladies of all ages to feel empowered where ever they roll into. The idea is to empower the ladies through skateboarding. We are a team of supportive friends. With Ladies Only Skate Team feeling strong looks like taking a slam, crying, getting frustrated, breathing, learning how to visualize our goals, and keep going! This is what I believe and what I encourage. We are a team of young women creating community, confidence and camaraderie. 
We'll only accomplish things better if we do it together!

And who I? My name is Lil I began my skateboarding adventure when I was 17. Through my job searching I landed a glorious spot at Proof Lab Surf Shop, an epicenter of all things board sport lifestyle. 
As I dove into the board sports I realized a space for ladies was greatly needed. With the support of Proof Lab I was able to create Ladies Only Skate Night. Every Friday night from 6-9. (Now Wednesday nights from 5:30-8:30). This was an opportunity for me to encourage girls to skate. What started as a hosting position quickly transformed into an instructing roll. Eventually turning into regular lessons and a summer camp! I've been instructing for nearly 5 years. I encourage girls to do it themselves. My vision is create an open and safe space for ladies of all ages! 
Interested in learning?
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